A ‘Breaking Bad’ Full-Length Movie Could be Coking

AMC is reportedly planning a feature-length Breaking Bad movie. Details of the upcoming project are scarce, although Albuquerque Journal reports that the move is currently operating under the name Greenbrier, and will focus on a kidnapped man making an escape. The project is believed to be filming from November until February next year, meaning that a release in late 2019 could be being planned.

The news that AMC could be working on a full-length project comes after the network announced plans for a film spinoff of The Walking Dead. That movie is set to center on the character Rick Grimes, and will begin production in 2019.

In other entertainment news, new details of Game of Thrones Season Eight were recently revealed.

Win a Blu-ray copy of The Unnameable

Win a Blu-ray copy of The Unnameable

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VU Fall/Winter 2018 “Climax” Collection