Amazon May Have Brick-And-Mortar Cinemas Soon

Amazon May Have Brick-And-Mortar Cinemas Soon

For a while, it seemed as if the future of film was shifting from physical cinemas toward movie premiers tailored to the comfort of your own home. However with weird reception of Cloverfield: Paradox, and a heated debates regarding the ‘success’ of Bright — it seems the format may be more closely akin to a ‘straight-to-DVD’ release.

Rather than attempting to beat Netflix at their own game, Amazon is pivoting in a different direction, putting their money into the concept of brick-and-mortar theaters. Co-Owned by Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner, Landmark Theatres had been previously window-shopped by the likes of Netflix but it seems that Jeff Bezos is the latest to show interest in the luxury theater chain. While it has not been officially announced, stay tuned to see if Amazon continues down this path to open up more avenues for their film distribution service.

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