Analyzing the Importance of Captain America

Analyzing the Importance of Captain America

A newly-published video by ScreenPrism titled “Captain America: Reinventing the Patriot” analyzes Marvel‘s Captain America in terms of his unique patriotism.

While many compare Tony Stark to the egotistical, capitalistic forces that dominate the United States today, Captain America remains an ideal to aspire towards — the true American Dream.

Unlike most superheroes, Captain America is a representation of the people. He’s neither rich nor abnormally powerful, his super strength, for example, is shared amongst many of Marvel’s characters. However, his uniqueness sprouts from his ability to objectively see between good and evil.

The video essay showcases the very essence of Captain America while equally showcasing his changing patriotism over the course of the Marvel films he appears in. Developing from a staunchly-aligned US Government mascot in his first onscreen appearance to an individualistic vigilante in the post-Captain America: Civil War universe, Cap’s progression shows his unchanging moral principles, even if the world he lives within alters around him.

Make sure to check the video above, and for more Marvel Universe news be sure to watch the newly released trailer for Avengers Endgame.

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