Batman Goes Rogue ‘Titans’ Season Finale Trailer

Batman Goes Rogue 'Titans' Season Finale Trailer

Titans recently introduced Jason Todd’s Robin to DC Universe, and now for its season finale, the series will bring Batman into the fold, unhinged and hunted by the police as well as his former partner Robin. The contrasting ideologies between Dick and Batman have been teased all throughout the season, culminating in the two finally facing off between each other in a battle of tactics and violence.

DC has been cautious of Batman and where the character is allowed to be seen, as such with the CW Arrowverse shows. Many didn’t expect The Dark Knight to appear in the show, let alone so soon. The service has yet to reveal anything about a potential Batman casting, as demonstrated in the visuals above. We don’t get a look at the character face to face, nor do we get a good look at The Joker, the archvillain he’s being accused of killing.

Check the visuals above and share your thoughts below.

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