Black Mirror Bandersnatch Internet Reactions

Black Mirror Bandersnatch Internet Reactions

A plethora of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch memes have just flooded the internet, just hours after the release of the interactive Netflix Orginal film. Similar to the popular books kids in the ’90s grew up reading — think Edward Packard’s Choose Your Own Adventure or R. L. Stine’s Give Yourself Goosebumps series of books — but in movie form.

Viewers are tasked with the mission of choosing options for the protagonist, in which each choice made could have either a favorable impact or lead to dire consequences — ultimately altering the ending of the movie. With a number of outcomes and twists and turns along the way, the video can either end in 90 minutes or go for two-and-a-half hours.

Without spoiling too much of the film, here are a few reactions from the web. So far the internet is poking fun at just how stressful the movie can be, whimsically analyzing the menial task of choosing which type of cereal to eat.

Have a scroll through to see some of the reactions over Twitter, and let us know what you thought about the film.

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me for 5 hours going back to choose all of the different options in black mirror bandersnatch pic.twitter.com/pda2Pnqzg6

— karz (@langdonsslut) December 27, 2018

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me when i make a decision on #Bandersnatch pic.twitter.com/LLPrnGzEZB

— anna ???‍? (@bigreputaylors) December 28, 2018

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black mirror: bandersnatch is only 1:30

me at 11pm: i guess i’ll watch before bed

black mirror: rewinds after you make the wrong decision and has 5 alternative endings that you have to find

me at 3am:#BANDERSNATCH pic.twitter.com/3LvblstVmo

— angela (@boyilovedbefore) December 28, 2018

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me thinking this all happened because i picked the wrong cereal #Bandersnatch pic.twitter.com/nCbHbeeur7

— ᵂᴵᴸᴸ (@williambuhayo) December 28, 2018

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— les (@unlitmemes) December 28, 2018

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my two braincells trying to decide between sugar puffs or frosties #Bandersnatch pic.twitter.com/5pbzASFxAs

— jill ♡ (@cerealpuffins) December 28, 2018

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