Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Led to the Delay of Season 5

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Led to the Delay of Season 5

After confirming new episodes of Charlie Brooker‘s hit sci-fi analogy series would be returning in 2019, we now have word that Black Mirror‘s interactive Bandersnatch movie led to the delay of Season 5.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, due to the complexity of the movie’s choose-your-own-adventure premise, such as the branching paths and its many alternate endings, it’s no surprise this ambitious project required an enormous amount of time and work that the fifth season of Black Mirror has been delayed. The THR piece goes deep into how Bandersnatch was made, taking close to two years to produce, which ultimately led to creation of the in-house storytelling tool called Branch Manager. “We had to learn a new way of filmmaking, editorially and production-wise,” producer Annabel Jones told THR. “It’s a whole new approach that challenged every department.”

Bandersnatch has so many possible permutations that even Brooker lost count of how many different endings there are. Jones claims there are five “definitive” conclusions. With the success of Bandersnatch, Netflix will no doubt be benefiting from Branch Manager.

So far an exact date for Black Mirror‘s fifth season has yet to be announced. Keep it locked here for more details.

Earlier this month, Miley Cyrus confirmed her Black Mirror Season 5 appearance.

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