Box Of 1999 ‘Pokémon’ Cards Sold For $56K USD

Box Of 1999 'Pokémon' Cards Sold For $56K USD

According to recent reports, an unopened box of Pokémon cards from 1999 was recently sold for the staggering price of $56,000 USD.

Auctioned off by Huggins & Scott Auctions, the box is one of the few unopened first edition limited printing English Base Set Booster Box known in existence. With an opening bid of $20,000 USD, the price of the box shot up as collectors got word of the lot, which has a chance to hold pristine holo cards that can be sold for upwards of $50,000 USD. The auction house notes the box contains 36 11-card packs with each pack delivering five common, three uncommon, two Energy and one rare or foil card. Additionally, the chances of pulling a foil card are approximately one in every three packs.

Head over to Huggins & Scott Auctions to learn more about the nostalgic box of cards.

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