Capcom Releases a Lexington Typewriter Keyboard

Capcom Releases a Lexington Typewriter Keyboard

Capcom Japan has officially commenced its pre-orders for the remake of the cult-classic title ‘BIOHAZARD 2’ (‘Resident Evil 2‘ for North America) – Biohazard Re:2. Kicking-off the announcement for the enhanced Sony PlayStation 4 game is the release of exclusive game bundles. Included in three of these bundles is a fully-functional Bluetooth version of the infamous Lexington typewriter. Used with ink-ribbons found in the game, many players of the original 1998 classic will remember just how relieved they felt when coming across a Lexington Typewriter, as these served as the only form of saving your game.

Capcom did not cut any corners when creating the Lexington typewriter replica. Details include Umbrella Corporation branding, a volume control paper knob, a return bar ENTER key, aluminum alloy hardware, and a “paper” slot for tablets up to 10.5-inches. These bundles, however, do not come cheap. Ranging from ¥75,000 – ¥99,800 JPY ($675 – $900 USD) this is most likely going to be a pick-up for the die-hards. Head on over to Capcom Japan’s pre-order site for more information.

In other gaming news, Sony is releasinga limited edition translucent PlayStation 4 bundle.

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