Chris Evans Hints at Retiring Captain America

Back in March of this year, Chris Evans ignited a media firestorm regarding his supposed intent to hang up his Captain America shield. In a statement released by the The New York Times, the noted actor stated, “you want to get off the train before they push you off,” while in the midst of shooting scenes for the upcoming Avengers 4 project.

And now, a tweet sent out earlier today by the man himself further suggests he is indeed putting an end to his time as “Cap.” Evans disclosed that he is officially done shooting his scenes for Avengers 4, while taking time to thank those who were a part of his eight-year journey as a Marvel superhero. Short of declaring the finality of the Marvel role himself, it is presumed the powers that be will soon be on the hunt for a new Steve Rogers.

What are your thoughts on Chris Evans moving on and who would you cast to replace him? Meanwhile, the newest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly revealed a new origin for the three Saiyans.



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