Conan O’Brien Japan ‘Conan Town’ Trip Segments

Conan O'Brien Japan 'Conan Town' Trip Segments

This past summer Conan O’Brien made his way to Japan after jokingly claiming that Gosho Aoyama’s popular manga/anime, Case Closed, Detective Conan, was based on him. Looking to settle the “copyright infringement case,” the talk show host made his way to Hokuei, Tottori, better known as “Conan Town,” the birthplace of Aoyama. On the excursion, Conan set out to meet the mayor of Hokuei with a long list of compensation demands, and to visit the town’s Detective Conan themed attractions.

Despite mistakenly landing at the wrong airport, Conan eventually made his way to Hokuei where he was elected mayor for the day and given a novelty check for three trillion Japanese yen. Taking the opportunity to immerse himself in everything Japanese during his trip, Conan also took some time to explore Tokyo. Some notable segments from his trip include heading to Harajuku to try out the popular kawaii scene style, check out bidets, and attempt to learn Japanese etiquette. But the undeniable highlight from the trip was Conan’s traditional Kaiseki meal with his producer and production manager Jordan Schlansky, which also features an appearance from Ralph Macchio.

Check out all the segments from Conan O’Brien’s trip to Japan below.

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