David Lynch Talks Cinema in NOWNESS Short Film

David Lynch Talks Cinema in NOWNESS Short Film

As part of a project funded by Stella McCartney, legendary director David Lynch sits down for NOWNESS to discuss his thoughts on cinema, intuition, and more. Over the course of the nearly-10 minute Curtain’s Up, Lynch explains the influence of painting on his filmmaking — “I began to wonder if film could be a way to make paintings move.” — and touches on the vagueness in visual storytelling that appeals to him: “I like a story that holds abstractions, and that’s what cinema can do.” Later, Lynch drops pearls of wisdom regarding the creative process, noting that “anger and depression and sorrow are beautiful things in a story,” but are unhealthy for artists. He recommends meditation, a technique he himself began using years ago, emphasizing that “if you can expand the container you’re fishing with, your consciousness, you can catch bigger fish.”

Read more about the short film on NOWNESS’s site and watch the clip below.

Back in May, Lynch discussed his book of photographic nudes.

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