‘Death Stranding’ Potential Release Date Leaked

'Death Stranding' Potential Release Date Leaked

Walmart Canada has seemingly revealed the release date for Death Stranding, the highly secretive game by producer Hideo Kojima.

The game, which stars The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus and left E3 in a mix of awe and confusion, was mentioned in a Walmart update on their website, stating a pre-order is set for a June 30, 2019 release date. Neither Sony nor Kojima himself has said anything concerning a release date for the highly anticipated third-person exploratory game.

The controversy behind this apparent leak concerns Geoff Keighley, gaming journalist and executive producer for The Game Awards. In a tweet posted by Keighley on November 28, Geoff states:

Today we start transitioning into #TheGameAwards world premiere land. There are a LOT of games we won’t be talking about at all until the show (All eyes on you @WalmartCanada) but we do have some great things to tease/announce in the week ahead.

Whether or not Walmart.ca is having a bit of fun in reply to Geoff Keighley or if there truly is some accurate information behind this, we’ll have to wait and see. The pre-order is still live on Walmart Canada’s website, with shipping date and price ($79.96 CND) still intact. In the meantime, watch the latest trailer for Death Stranding that sheds a bit more light on the mysterious premise of the title.

Welcome to Rare Norm
Welcome to Rare Norm