‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Android 17 Character Trailer

'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Android 17 Character Trailer

Following a first look, Bandai Namco recently released a character for Tournament of Power Android 17 from Dragon Ball Super.

Serving as the latest addition to the growing Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, the reformed version of the android will be playable after the upcoming DLC releases for the popular fighting game. Different from the base form currently in the game, Tournament of Power Android 17 is a fully playable character that utilizes barrier techniques and long-range ki blast attacks with his Super-Electric Strike finisher that can be executed both on the ground and mid-air. Additionally, accompanying the arrival of the new character is a new Space Arena stage that has yet to be fully revealed.

Tournament of Power Android 17 is set to release September 27 as part of the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC pass.

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