Drake Is the New Co-Owner of an eSports Company

Following the reception of his occasional Twitch streaming, Drake is once again expanding beyond the music industry by investing in a “lifestyle, apparel and esports” company. Drake and Scooter Braun now have co-ownership of 100 Thieves, a brand backed by Cleveland Cavaliers chairman Dan Gilbert. Braun and the Canadian rapper will fulfill roles as strategic advisors as the company begins to expand its competitive games toward more titles and building more apparel.

Drake has been partnered with the company for a while, maybe as early as his press run for Scorpion. There’s already mention of a clothing collaboration between the two is in the works. 100 Thieves has teams competing in League of Legends, Call of Duty and Fortnite, closing out its Series A funding round with $25 million in total capital. Founder Matt Haag began a former pro Call of Duty played named Nadeshot, built a 3.1 million YouTube following with more than 2 million followers on Twitter before starting the company in 2017.

In other eSports news, Nike signed an endorsement deal with a League of Legends player.

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