Elon Musk Interstellar Parody Mashup Video

While news headlines are all displaying the exciting news of Elon Musk‘s latest underground tunnel in Los Angeles, many have overlooked the other Elon Musk gem that has made its way online. Presented by Order of Magnitude, the Elon Musk/Interstellar parody features the mashup of footage from the SpaceX water landing, a handful of audio clips from Elon Musk interviews, and is all coupled with scenes from the 2014 film, Interstellar.

Building off a suspenseful mood in landing the “spaceship” back to Earth, the video continues to add to the uncertainty with its sound effects and camera shakes. The video hits a change in direction when Musk pulls a joint out from nowhere, and begins smoking it. The rotoscoped footage is pure genius as the choice of footage, along with the memorable quotes fit in to, not only give off the impression that you could be watching a real scene, but is also outlandish enough to provide comedic value.

While it has been reported that Musk is a big fan of all the memes involving himself, there is no word yet on what he thinks of this parody mashup.

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