‘FIFA 19’ Explains How To Win In Ultimate Team

'FIFA 19' Explains How To Win In Ultimate Team

FIFA 19 is aware that its most popular game mode — Ultimate Team — is slightly confusing, so the latest update from EA sports explains it all. In a pitch notes post from the makers of the series, it deals with FUT in-depth. One of the big changes to the game mode is that you can now see the individual player chemistry when he’s added to a team.

A screenshot showcased exactly how players stats are modified by the team chemistry, which has never been seen in FIFA’s games before. You can also see exactly which boosts are added to a player when the chemistry works well. In addition to this, there’s also new icons for chemistry styles, meaning it’ll be easier to see how player’s benefit.

It’s also been confirmed that once a match begins, you cannot change chemistry, so you cannot improve it by changing formation mid-game. FIFA 19 will be available on September 28.

In other news, Super Smash Bros Ultimate revealed its latest character addition recently.

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