Final Fantasy Games for Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy Games for Nintendo Switch

Fans of the Final Fantasy video game franchise can rejoice as it has just been announced that a handful of Square-Enix (Squaresoft for any of those that have enjoyed any of these pre-2003 Enix merger titles) games will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch. Kicking off their announcement was the surprise launch of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD, and with it came the news that Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X / X2 Remaster, World of Final Fantasy Maxima, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, and yes, Final fantasy VII, would all be re-issued for the Nintendo Switch platform.

There is no information as to why Final Fantasy VIII was left out, but the titles mentioned above should be more than enough to keep gamers busy. Look for these Final Fantasy classics to hit the Nintendo Store some time in 2019, and for those looking to try a new game, head over to the Nintendo Store for more info on Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD

In other gaming news, ‘Project Judge’ lets you solve crimes in Tokyo as a private investigator.

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A whole host of legendary #FinalFantasy titles are being released on #NintendoSwitch, #Xbox One, #PlayStation 4 & #Steam! pic.twitter.com/lYojPy1Ebu

— Final Fantasy (@FinalFantasy) September 13, 2018

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