Fornite x NFL Outfits and Jerseys Revealed

Fornite x NFL Outfits and Jerseys Revealed

Multiplayer game Fortnite is collaborating with the NFL to bring the gridiron to the battlefield, just in time for the Thanksgiving day games.

In the video above, the promo reveals the players in the NFL-approved garments, emoting on the field in true Fortnite fashion. The skins, which will be available for purchase, will include full kits for players to don including the helmets, pants, padding and cleats. The jerseys even feature customizable double-digit numbers on the back for the ultimate personalization. Naturally, all 32 NFL teams will have their logos and designations made available, for home team representation or simply to don the best colors to play with your friends and squad up as a true “team.”

The Fortnite x NFL collaboration officially goes live on November 9 at 7 p.m. EST. Read more about Fortnite and how developer Epic Games is now worth more than 15 billion USD.

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