‘Fortnite’ Lawsuit Against 14-Year Old Continues

'Fortnite' Lawsuit Against 14-Year Old Continues

While Epic Games was being sued for copyright infringement, the company was pursuing a lawsuit against a 14-year old Fortnite player for using cheat software when he plays. Despite receiving a letter from the Delaware teen’s mother, Epic Games received approval from a federal judge to continue the suit, ruling the company has “plausible claim” for copyright infringement and other legal transgressions.

The teen’s mother has accused the North Carolina-based company of “using a 14-year-old child as a scapegoat,” as it’s in amidst of multiple similar lawsuits that involve copyright infringement. “It was just a simple aimbot, ESP wallhack,” the teen said on YouTube, explaining the type of modification he used. He also stated he downloaded the mod off of a site and that “Fortnite cheats are … everywhere.”

Epic says the mod goes against its terms of licensing players agree to when they open an Epic Games user account and play Fortnite. The mother says “parental consent was not issued,” however the judge accepted Epic’s counter-argument of “defense of infancy” that doesn’t allow him to bow out of the contract’s obligations.

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