‘Friends from College’ Season 2 Trailer

The first trailer for Friends from College season 2 has surfaced, showcasing true events based on the lives of showrunners Nicholas Stoller and his wife Francesca Delbanco. The Netflix series follows a group of New York-based Harvard alumni, as they traverse their lives and the messes they create within it.

The first season received massive backlash for having two married characters, Sam (Annie Parisse) and Ethan (Keegan-Michael Key), begin an affair with little to no repercussion. That only added to the criticism from viewers who felt the cast of characters were largely unlikeable.

Delbanco spoke about retooling season 2 in light of the controversy with Indiewire, stating:

“It was very clear from the critical response that people were really unhappy and uncomfortable about the affair between Sam and Ethan. And the fact that the show didn’t take them to task or punish them for it. We felt like we really heard it. And we put an end to that affair. It was an idea we were interested in playing around with, grownups behaving badly and making a mess in their lives. But we heard critics feeling like it was too much and it was too unpleasant to be implicated in it by just watching and enjoying it.”

Stoller also chimed in “We were planning on adjusting it anyway because doing more affair stories would have just been repetitive, but that is not a part of the second season,” Stoller said. “Which I think will be a relief for a lot of people.”

Check out the trailer above and share your thoughts below, then check out the announcement trailer for The Punisher season 2.

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