Genji’s ‘Overwatch’ Sword $200 USD Replica

Genji's 'Overwatch' Sword $200 USD Replica

Blizzard – the video game developer and publisher – is selling a replica of Genji’s tech-heavy sword from the title Overwatch, complete with all the flashy bells and motion-sensing sound effects from the in-game version. Genji’s replica sword is even able to use the same audio that can be heard when the character unleashes his ultimate attack.

The plastic blade weighs 2.9 lbs and measures at 48” x 5” inches with a 1/2-inch blade. It also comes with a sword sheath and a stand to mount it on. Check out the video above, and grab the replica Genji blade when it releases in December for $200 USD.

In other entertainment news, a new Kingsman film is in the works.

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