‘Happy Death Day 2U’ Trailer Blumhouse Production

'Happy Death Day 2U' Trailer Blumhouse Production

The Groundhog Day-esque Blumhouse hit has returned with a sequel aptly called Happy Death Day 2U, the followup to 2017’s Happy Death Day.

The original film follows a college girl (Jessica Rothe) who gets murdered on campus, only to find herself trapped reliving the last day of her life over and over again until she finds the killer and through it, all, become a better person. Director Christopher Landon returns alongside Rothe to lead the rest of her college friends through this death loop since now it seems they’re stuck in loop alongside her now.

The original film’s ending is spoiled above, but it showcases another mystery: who is behind the mask this time and why are our franchise heroine is stuck in a loop once again, but this time with her friends from school. The film is inventive, especially for a horror film that could’ve relied on an abundance of violence or peered too far off into a drama like other contemporary films of its genre. Despite being rated PG-13 and having a high-concept premise, it was able to retain its scare factor when it needed, and it appears the sequel will follow suit.

Check out the trailer above and watch Happy Death Day 2U when it hits theaters February 14.

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