How Much Twitch Streamers Make Playing Games

How Much Twitch Streamers Make Playing Games

The highly lucrative profession of pro gaming has left many video game enthusiasts interested in joining the fray by joining Twitch and streaming popular games like Fortnite. This has led pro streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang to produce an in-depth look into how much money streamers make, and how they acquire that money through sponsorships, donations, and more.

According to Wang, subscribers play a big part in gaining revenue, especially those subscribed to Twitch Prime. Average streamers usually take a 50-percent cut in revenue from Twitch, unlike others like Ninja who get to keep 70 percent. He also has 121,000 subscribers and makes $423,500 USD a month from those subcribers alone as a result.

Wang also delves into how he doesn’t use the ad button provided on the platform, thus making his donation revenue relatively low compared to others who use it to their advantage. He also explains how advertisements and sponsorships play a bigger role in acquiring the big bucks.

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