How to Get fragment design x POKEMON GO Merch

How to Get fragment design x POKEMON GO Merch

Mobile game POKÉMON GO has just received a new update for HYPEFEST, in the form of two free items as designed and produced by Hiroshi Fujiwara and THUNDERBOLT PROJECT.

Gamers of POKÉMON GO will see the apparel (tops and hats) section updated with new “H.F. CUSTOM” items — a white T-shirt with a Pikachu-color schemed print as well as a black fragment cap, both of which don the iconic fragment design bolts. Both the shirt and hat are free of charge, requiring no coins to equip. The items are available for both male and female avatars.

THUNDERBOLT PROJECT BY ◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️ & POKÉMON is the new collaboration between Hiroshi Fujiwara and Pokémon GO, with a full line of merch (hoodies, tees, caps, accessories and more) debuting at HYPEFEST for purchase by attendees on-premise on October 6-7.


Additionally, a rare “hyped” Pikachu is apparently being spotted in the wild, sporting a fragment design cap. Locations are random and are being reported across the globe.

HYPEFEST will provide a virtual shopping experience accessible only to those within the geo-fenced location of the festival. All products purchased at HYPEFEST through the HYPEFEST app and on-site point of sale will be shipped to the buyer shortly after the festival.

Learn more about the event and its festivities by visiting the official HYPEFEST website, and keep an eye out for more POKÉMON GO-related news and additions throughout HYPEFEST weekend.

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