James Gunn Rumored for DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Film

James Gunn Rumored for DC's 'Suicide Squad' Film

Warner Bros. has stated that James Gunn is being considered to write and possibly direct DC‘s upcoming Suicide Squad follow-up. Gunn was fired from Marvel Studios just as Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was about to begin production due to a recently-resurfaced string of old tweets that Disney deemed offensive.

The move seems like a calculated response to the backlash against Disney following the decision to remove Gunn, as well as another way to directly challenge DC’s main competitor. It’s also worth noting that the studio may want Gunn to bring his distinctive directorial voice to the critically maligned Suicide Squad, which still brought in over $746 million USD on a budget of $175 million USD. The next film in the Suicide Squad franchise is reportedly not a sequel, instead taking an entirely new approach to the property — which may give Gunn the freedom to revamp the franchise as he sees fit.

Would you like to see a James Gunn-directed DC film? Let us know, and stay tuned for further developments.

In other news, Venom‘s debut weekend set a worldwide box office record.

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