Kanye West Kim Kardashian $14 Million USD Miami Condo

It has just been reported that Kanye West celebrated Christmas with Kim Kardashian by gifting her a new home. Located in Miami, the condo unit is part of the “Billionaire Beach Bunker,” a property development that is also home to some of the world’s most wealthy bankers, celebrities, and land developers.

Allegedly bought when Ye was in town for Art Basel, the 4,700-square-foot condo features 4 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, and large terrace space. Right on the beach, the unit was sold at a discount of $14 million USD, shy-$1.5 million USD from its original $15.5 million USD price tag.

In other news, watch Kerwin Frost’s recap of the 2018 Kardashian-Jenner-West Christmas party.

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