Marvel Comic ‘War of the Realms’ Teaser Trailer

Next year Marvel Comics is going full force to cap off the decade with its War of the Realms event launching in April. So much so, Marvel has released a teaser trailer for the storyline, which began its roots in Thor’s series.

The dark elf Malekith is invading Earth to serve as the final stage of a war that will see him rule all realms if he’s the victor. Earth’s heroes will have a final stand on their planet in a last ditch effort to save the realms.

“The story really begins when that war that’s been brewing for years in the pages of Thor explodes here in Midgard,” writer Jason Aaron explains, referencing Earth as the Asgardians do. “And at that point, it’s bigger than just a Thor battle: everyone, everyone, becomes a part of that battle.”

Marvel has gone to describe this event as one of its biggest since the acclaimed Secret Wars storyline, promoting it with the line, “Not since Secret Wars has a comic event had such far reaching consequences for the Marvel Universe.”

Check out the footage above and comment below.

In other entertainment news, Bo Peep will return in Toy Story 4 as a central character with a new design.

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