Marvel’s Spider-Man Relationships Trailer | HYPEBEAST

Marvel's Spider-Man Relationships Trailer | HYPEBEAST

Another trailer has surfaced for the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man video game. This time around, the Daily Bugle‘s head editor J. Jonah Jameson receives an anonymous call from Peter Parker who pretends to be a civilian named Ben. During the phone call, the two go back and forth debating whether Spider-Man is a help or harm to New York City. The question poses a great debate as to whether the web-slinger is the hero NYC really needs. The clip above also goes into the many foes Spidey will be facing off against in the game.

Take a look at the newest trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man above and let us know if you plan on adding this game in your must-play titles. Marvel’s Spider-Man is expected to release on September 7 exclusively on PlayStation 4. Fans of the video game can check out the title’s open world trailer from last week.

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