NBA 2K19 Microtransactions Dutch Gambling Laws

NBA 2K19 Microtransactions Dutch Gambling Laws

The owner of NBA 2K, 2K games, has taken away elements of its microtransactions to be in accordance with newly placed gambling laws in Belgium and the Netherlands. The changes, which will be only made to the game in the two aforementioned countries, make changes to the MyTeam packs — which have been described as gambling by the respective legal systems.

In Belgium, MyTeam packs would only be able to remain if players were only allowed to use in-game currency to purchase them, but this runs counter to the Netherlands law, which states that games are prohibited from including “loot box” style systems. 2K gave two statements about the changes, while also stating that they disagreed with the changes and encouraging fans to “contact your local government representative to communicate your opinion.”

NBA 2K19 will be released on September 11 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

In related news, NBA 2K19 will include commentary from Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Bill Simmons.

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