Netflix Bird Box Challenge Warning

With the success of Netflix’s Bird Box comes another pop-culture challenge craze. Like past challenges, this one is recipe for disaster as it involves participants completing a bevy of normal task, except blindfolded.

While Netflix was pleased with the number of memes spawned from the Sandra Bullock-led dystopian film, the streaming giant is not to proud of this particular Bird Box tribute. Taking to Twitter, Netflix has urged people to stop participating in the challenge as serious accidents could occur when venturing out blindfolded. Like most viral challenges, we could see each new video one-up the previous in terms of difficulty, leading to serious bodily harm.

Just a taste of what has been circulating online as the “Bird Box Challenge” can be seen below. What do you think? Will we see this craze take over and surpass last year’s “In My Feelings” challenge?

In other entertainment news, Netflix drops Hasan Minhaj episode following pressure from Saudi Arabia.

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