Netflix Spend $13 Billion USD on 2018 Originals

Netflix Spend $13 Billion USD on 2018 Originals

Recently dubbed the “world’s most valuable media company”, Netflix aims to strengthen its grip on the media industry. Though previous reports indicated that the company would spend $8 billion USD on original content in 2018, new information implies that Netflix will plow $13 billion USD into its Originals by the end of this year. Before 2019, the brand will reportedly have ordered approximately 82 original films across its international platforms, compared to Warner Bros.‘ 23 and Disney‘s 10 — that figure doesn’t even account for Netflix’s numerous original series.

It isn’t all good news, however: the same sources purport that Netflix is currently in debt. Combating the supposed $8 billion USD sinkhole, Netflix is still enjoying substantial gains as a result of strong subscriber growth — which are then immediately sunk into new content.

Most recently, the streaming giant tentatively introduced a new “Ultra” payment plan.

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