Netflix’s Debuts ‘Maniac’ With NYC Pop-Up

Netflix's Debuts 'Maniac' With NYC Pop-Up

Recently teasing the release of its highly anticipated series, Maniac, Netflix will debut its latest show in New York through an immersive launch event.

In the show’s narrative, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone‘s characters are in search of a solution to satiate the qualms of their minds by means of a device created by Dr. James Mantleray (Justin Theroux). However, the situation goes awry when the apparatus that is guaranteed to cure them fails, sending them into a mind-bending journey which bridges intricate storytelling and detailed art direction.

Bringing the aesthetic choices of the show to life, the New York spectacle will debut the dark-comedy alongside an experiential space including a variety of activations and a projection-mapped room designed by artist Jeron Braxton. Braxton described his inspiration for the work as follows:

After watching a few episodes of Maniac my main inspiration was derived from both the surreal nature of the show and its rich color schemes. The colors were captivating and drew me deeper into the world – specifically the colors in the science lab because the hues were, at times, very vibrant and inviting, however, there was an underlying tone of darkness in the story hidden behind the beautiful cinematography and color palette. That juxtaposition of vibrant color and dark emotions was very powerful to me and helped guide the design for the installation. I am creating a cute surreal environment with underlying tones of darkness to reflect the aspects of Maniac that drew me in. I was also inspired by the surreal worlds the characters were transported to within their minds thus I created an atmosphere that blends some elements of the worlds they go to.

Watch the trailer above, and if you’re in NYC September 21, check out this RSVP link to attend the event.

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