Niantic Labs Pokemon Go 4 Billion Dollar Valuation

Niantic Labs Pokemon Go 4 Billion Dollar Valuation

Niantic has just received another round of funding from investors, this time raising the value of the company near the $4 billion USD mark. Having already raised $200 million USD last year (putting the software development company at $2.7 billion USD) investors continue to have an optimistic stance on the Pokemon Go maker’s future.

Despite the recent slow down in new Pokemon Go users, Niantic continues to make hundreds-of-millions in revenue each year. On top of developing Pokemon Go, Niantic is also developing new augmented reality games to other franchises.

The software company still has room to grow, as when compared to other companies in their industry, a $4 billion USD market capitalization is still rather far away from Electronic Arts’ $24.2 billion USD, or Activision Blizzard’s $36.4 billion USD market cap.

In other gaming news, ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ and ‘Resident Evil 2’ collaborate for an upcoming mobile event.

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