Ninja Says Drake Pushed Gaming Into Mainstream

Following his Fortnite stream with Drake and Travis Scott, as well as the subsequent catapult of his career, pro gamer Ninja has gone to credit the Canadian rapper for gaming’s recent mainstream popularity.

“Drake, that is what pushed gaming into the mainstream and made it cool,” Ninja told Variety in a recent interview.  The stream, which took place earlier this year, utterly shattered Twitch records with an estimate 600,000 viewers at its peak that included guest appearances by Logic, Lil Yachty, and the NFL’s JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Many have pointed out his statements as being outlandish, with many contributing factors, mainly the popularity of home consoles like the PlayStation in the 90s, being the reason gaming has become significantly more mainstream. Ninja and Drake have since drifted from each other, someone recently hacked the rapper’s Fortnite account and yelled racial slurs during the pro gamer’s charity stream.

In related gaming news, Epic Games adds the Infinity Blade Sword to Fortnite.

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