Nintendo SNES Edition 3DS XL Amazon Restock

Nintendo SNES Edition 3DS XL Amazon Restock

Following its Amazon-exclusive introduction last year, the SNES Edition Nintendo 3DS‘s Prime Day Deal has returned on the site for $149.99 USD.

On Amazon‘s Prime Day sale last month, the price of the Super Nintendo NES 3DS XL bundle — one which includes Super Mario Kart — was available for $50 USD off its original retail price. Along with the free download, the device is capable of playing all 3DS and DS games, and is capable of charging via Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS system AC chargers.

Last year when it debuted it quickly sold out, and this year it very well may do the same. Grab the Nintendo SNES Edition 3DS XL on Amazon while you can.

In related news, Nintendo has sold 20 million Switch consoles.

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