‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy’ Trailer

'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy' Trailer

Revisiting its popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, Capcom announced a multi-platform release for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy compilation game.

Moving beyond its handheld origins, the upcoming game will serve as an updated release of the trilogy title that features the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game, Ace Attorney — Justice for All and Ace Attorney — Trials and TribulationsPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has remained a fan favorite long after its original run on the Nintendo DS with fandom lauding the game’s unique story and innovative game themes. Originally debuted in 2001, the Capcom series has spawned more than 10 sequels with spin-offs starring an emerging cast of attorneys and investigators who solve crimes and win courtroom battles.

Check out the announcement trailer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy above and look for the compilation to be released on Microsoft Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Sony PlayStation 4 sometime in 2019.

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