Pokémon GO: Unknown 891 Nut Head Creature Appears

Pokémon GO: Unknown 891 Nut Head Creature Appears

Shortly after Niantic’s Pokémon Go Community Day on Saturday, a mysterious creature began appearing within the game throughout certain regions og the world. Shown with a nut head and a Ditto-like body, the unknown creature emerges without a name or CP, but becomes Ditto once captured, a Pokémon famous for morphing into others. Later, as sightings of the ”nut-head” character became less frequent, a dataminer discovered it had a Pokédex number of 891, making it one of the as-yet-to-be-revealed generation 8 creatures or a Let’s Go exclusive.

At this moment, Niantic has yet to make a statement on #891, but that hasn’t stopped gamers from crafting their own theories. Some think it’s simply a glitch, while many more believe it’s very intentional, especially when the Pokémon franchise hasn’t had a similar glitch instance like this in its past. With that in mind, Eurogamer reports:

“The leading theory [on Reddit] is tied to an unreleased Kecleon, a Gen 3 chameleon Pokémon which blends into its environment. Information for Kecleon also appeared in game traffic at the same time, tagged with the mysterious creature’s appearance, and even shares the same sound file.”

Twitter-goers point to the Kecleon-like black eye in the center of the unknown character’s nut-head as well as the former’s lightning-bolt-striped body and the latter’s lightning bolt tail as added similarities. Eurogamer also cites another Reddit theory: yes, it’s teasing a new creature, however it’s not the full thing; “this is Ditto trying to morph into that Pokémon but failing.”

Whatever #891 may be, we may have to wait until Let’s Go‘s November 16 release to find out more.

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