Sony Official Playstation Classic Unboxing

Sony Official Playstation Classic Unboxing

Building up on the hype surrounding the launch of the PlayStation Classic, Sony has just released an unboxing video for the upcoming release. Now almost 25-years in age, the original PlayStation console became a household name in the mid-’90s, and went on to become the first gaming sole to ship one hundred million units, globally.

The PlayStation Classic comes pre-loaded with hit titles like Grand Theft AutoTekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, Twisted Metal, and Metal Gear Solid. From the unboxing we get a better feel at just how compact the “Classic” version is, sitting at just 45-percent of the original version’s size — the iconic controllers remain the same. In keeping with the times, the Playstation Classic will plug into modern televisions using an HDMI cable, and will be powered via a USB cable that’s also included in the box.

Look for the PlayStation Classic to launch globally on December 3. In other gaming news, ’Shenmue III’ received over $7 million USD in crowdfunding.

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