SSB Vegito Struggles Against Golden Ape Kanba

SSB Vegito Struggles Against Golden Ape Kanba

Nearly two months after the release of the last episode, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has just returned with its third segment. Last episode, ancient Saiyan has Trunks in a chokehold, prompting Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Vegito. This episode, Vegito wastes no time and turns into his Super Saiyan Blue (and later Super Saiyan Blue Kiao-ken form) to face off against the powerful antagonist. Golden Cooler watches from the side while the Saiyans go head-to-head in battle.

For the Dragon Ball Super characters, the events happen after the Universe Survival Saga. As for the “Xeno” characters, the events occur after the Dark Empire Saga. Watch the episode above.

In other Dragon Ball news, the Dragon Ball Z and adidas Originals poster was officially revealed at the beginning of this month.

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