Super Mario Party Trailer Several New Mini Games

Super Mario Party Trailer Several New Mini Games

The final trailer for Nintendo‘s upcoming Super Mario Party has surfaced, showing off a ton of new mini-games and revealing a total of 80 different levels to experience. In the footage above, we are first introduced to some rhythm games most notably found in various Mario Party titles. These games include baseball, dancing, marching, and more.

Some levels are completely new, and others are updated versions seen in previous installments. Select visuals showed various competitive gameplay functions, including four player-team objectives to games that focus as every man for himself.

Although the video’s description reads, “Throw a party anytime, anywhere, with anyone in Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch!,” it has recently been reported the title will not be compatible with the console’s handheld mode, nor will it function with a Nintendo Pro controller.

Check out the trailer above, and share your thoughts below.

In other Nintendo news, the Nintendo Switch Store has already been hacked.

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