Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch Bundle

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch Bundle

Although a bundle complete with a GameCube controller and a limited edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is coming, so is another bundle made specifically for Nintendo‘s upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A French retailer has leaked a listed Nintendo Switch package that features the title alongside a limited edition system and JoyCon with the cast of Smash Bros. on it.

Although the image is blurred and Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything, it’s easy to make out what’s on the packaging. Not only that, but Nintendo has stated it intends to push several bundles for the upcoming holiday season, and with Smash being one of the most hotly anticipated titles this year, a bundle for it doesn’t seem out of the question.

In related news, the Nintendo Switch has a hidden VR Mode.

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Je n’ai pas pour habitude de relayer les rumeurs mais, si cette image s’avère exacte, on dirait que nintendo tient là un carton de ventes pour noël ? pic.twitter.com/lElquTXoLl

— Hamster Joueur, bons plans jeux vidéo (@hamsterjoueur) August 25, 2018