‘The Predator’ Final Trailer | HYPEBEAST

'The Predator' Final Trailer | HYPEBEAST

The Predator returns for a new big screen installment this month with a new range of prey in its heat-signature sights. Starring Boyd Holbrook (Narcos), Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn and more, the roughneck group is set out to face a selection of predators who have been upgraded thanks to DNA from other extraterrestrial entities. The two-minute preview also introduces us to a new extraterrestrial threat; the Predator dogs.

Take a look at the final trailer from the Shane Black-directed film and let us know your thoughts. The Predator arrives in theaters on September 14. Fans of the film can check out its previous featurette and the addition of female predators within the film.

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