Tom Hardy as Venom Bust Sculpture Time Lapse Vid

Tom Hardy as Venom Bust Sculpture Time Lapse Vid

With Sony’s Venom starring Tom Hardy slowly approaches theaters this coming October, fans are already creating artwork, and in this case, sculptures dedicated to the host/symbiote. In the footage above, we see YouTuber Steven Richter begin the process of creating the bust, first building Hardy’s Eddie Brock before adding Venom’s details on one side of his face.

Everything is time-lapsed, from getting its color complexion correct, molding Venom’s obnoxiously large mouth and teeth, as well as even getting Brock’s lower wardrobe and hair to look identical to his outfit in the movie.

Check out the video above and share your thoughts in the comment section below

In related news, Alec Baldwin has exited DC’s upcoming Joker movie.

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