Top 10 TV Shows & Series of 2018

The Haunting of Hill House

This show took viewers by storm during October for obvious Halloween-related reasons, but the series also happened to serve up some genuine family drama at the heart of its haunted house story. By choosing to focus on the haunting just as much as the fallout it ensues among the targeted family was masterful, a keen insight director Mike Flanagan has with adapting horror stories in modern day. However, instead of leaning into the dark inner-workings of a family like this year’s Sharp Objects and Hereditary, it offers catharsis in its revelations, not only in the characters but in the viewers as well. Which is why the show is seemingly compared to NBC’s This is Us more than anything. Although the series peaks about midway through, the rest of the series offers a strange sense of release as viewers who have already figured out the plot patiently wait for the cast to catch up with them.

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