‘Toy Story 4’ Art Reveal New Look for Bo Peep

'Toy Story 4' Art Reveal New Look for Bo Peep

Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4 is underway and is set to feature Woody’s long-time love interest Bo Peep following her absence in the former film. However, in some new promotional art, it appears the all-porcelain doll has undergone a massive makeover.

In light of her classic pink attire, we now see Bo Peep wearing a mixture of blue and pink. She’s also had an aesthetic makeover that suggests she’s made of a different material now than she was in the first two films.

According to the character’s voice actress Annie Potts, Bo Peep will play a larger role in this sequel. “I have a big part, I’m thrilled,” Potts said in an interview with Radio Times. “Most of (my work) is with Tom (Hanks, who voices Woody). I’ve never done any animation before where you got to work with the other actors. (Normally it’s) just a single voice at a time. But because of the nature of what we’re doing, we’ve been having Tom and me together. That’s fun! That is really fun!”

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