Turkish Airlines Features LEGO in Safety Video

Turkish Airlines Features LEGO in Safety Video

Turkish Airlines has found a unique way to spruce up its own safety video, integrating an entertaining twist to the mandatory in-flight procedure. Enlisting the help of Warner Bros. and its LEGO movie franchise, miniature characters can be seen injecting a subtle splash of humor, while accurately detailing the aircraft’s step-by-step safety guidelines.

All-in-all, a total of 2,938,840 lego bricks were used by an expert team consisting of concept artists, animators and lighting technicians, who all came together to produce various versions of the all-LEGO cast video. With a total of 15 different plane models in its fleet, a total of 30 versions — catering to both English and Turkish passengers — of the presentation had to be made to cover the full Turkish Airlines lineup.

In case you missed it, a Power Rangers movie sequel is reportedly in the works.

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