‘Venom’ SWAT Team Fight Clip

'Venom' SWAT Team Fight Clip

Ahead of the theatrical release of Venom, Sony Pictures recently released a new clip of the “Lethal Protector” confronted by a SWAT team.

Conveying director Ruben Fleishcer’s goal to portray Tom Hardy‘s character as an anti-hero, Venom is seen offering the group of heavily armed combatants a chance before calling for the symbiote. In the clip, Venom shows off his durability, taking a barrage of bullets and grenades before decimating the SWAT team. Despite receiving a PG-13 rating instead of an R classification, Venom is looking like it will still provide the action many are expecting.

Catch the action-filled clip above and look for Sony Picture’s Venom to hit theatres on October 5.

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