Watch Big Sean’s History Channel Doc ‘Detroit’

Watch Big Sean’s History Channel Doc ‘Detroit’

This past weekend, the History Channel released its new television documentary, Detroit: Comeback City, which is executive-produced by Big Sean. The 40-minute special takes a look at how the city went from the driver of US capitalism to a city of collapse and ruins. It also acknowledges how the Michigan capital is on edge of rebirth. The episode features interviews with Detroit natives including Alice Cooper, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., Pulitzer Prize-winner Dr. Heather Ann Thompson, NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger, Ford Chairman Bill Ford and more.

The documentary looks at the city’s history, including Henry Ford’s automated assembly lines, how many from the city fleed racism in the South in search for new life and it’s downfall which led to Detroit’s filing for bankruptcy in 2013. Watch the trailer above and see the entire documentary via History Channel’s website.

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