Watch Jonah Hill Take on a ‘Mid90s’ Hip-Hop Quiz

Watch Jonah Hill Take on a 'Mid90s' Hip-Hop Quiz

Currently on a promotional run for his directorial debut, Mid90s, Academy Award-nominated actor Jonah Hill took the time to sit down with the creatives over at Genius to answer a few questions about the film’s musical composition. The A24-helmed feature, which centers around a 13-year-old boy played by Sunny Suljic, incorporates a lot of Hill’s favorite hip-hop songs.

In the latest episode of For The Record posted above, Hill discusses the hip-hop anthems of Mid90s, his love for the genre and his top five rappers of all-time, which includes the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and Kendrick Lamar.

Hill told Genius:

“A big reason I made the film is because hip-hop, like skateboarding, is always misused in film. It’s always shown someone driving through the hood or popping champagne. To me, it’s the emotional backbone of my growing up. So, I needed to make a film that could elegantly portray that [A Tribe Called Quest] is to me what the Beatles were to my parents… To actually make a film that shows even fancy people that this is a real art form. This is real art. It’s going down in the catalog with classical music 100 years from now, and DJ Premier is Mozart.”

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