Watch ‘Miss Sherlock’ Trailer for New HBO Show

Watch 'Miss Sherlock' Trailer for New HBO Show

HBO puts a spin on Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes by reimagining the British (notably Benedict Cumberbatch-affiliated) detective as a Japanese female. Dubbed Miss Sherlock, the new Tokyo-based television series stars Yuko Takeuchi (The Ring) as the sharp, brazen lead who goes around unconventionally solving crimes. Unsurprisingly, her “Watson” is also played by a Japanese female as Shihori Kanjiya appears as surgeon Dr. Wato Tachibana. According to the storyline, the two meet after Tachibana returns from a medical mission in Syria and they quickly forge a friendship tackling unusual crimes in modern-day Tokyo.

Get a peek at the series in the trailer above and watch the first eight-episode season available for HBO Go subscribers starting today.

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